Wear makeup? Use shampoo or hair spray? Apply body lotion or perfume? Cosmetics are likley introducing unseen toxins into your body, impacting your health.

Indeed, the average woman applies 168 chemicals to her face and her body each day, according to the nonprofit, the Environmental Working Group. Over a year’s time, that’s five pounds of toxins we absorb through our skin.   

Spring is a great time to clean your cabinets, removing expired products and things you no longer use. But it is also a great time to renew your commitment to healthier choices. Here’s five tips to launching your detox:

  • Download the Environmental Working Group’s app on your phone. Scan product labels. Dump the products that contain the worst offenders.
  • Sign up to get the Quick Tips guide to choosing healthier products. Look for EWG verified products.
  • Familiarize yourself with the worst toxic culprits in personal care products — hydroquinone, ethylene dioxide, 1,4-dioxane, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, PAH’s, and acrylamide. Also avoid phthalate and parabens.
  • Consider using foods as beauty products. Coconut oil and olive oil are great moisturizers and cleansers.
  • Promote natural beauty with adequate sleep, hydration, nutrition, stress relief, and more. (Soon, Concept Wellness will offer cosmetic acupuncture, too.)

We specialize in drawing toxins from the body — with acupuncture, cupping, cleanses, and supplements. As spring fever hits, rely on us to bolster your health and energy for the seasons ahead.