Functional Medicine

We test & probe for root causes.

Integrative Approach

Underlying causes can be found with our three-prong approach.

Whole You Care

At Concept Wellness, we take mind, body, and spirit into account.

Not Just a Pill

Our quest is for meaningful answers, not only quick fixes.

What is Functional Medicine? And how does it fit into our all-encompassing concept of wellness?

Functional medicine is a form of integrative medicine that looks for underlying causes of health disruptions in a very individualized approach to optimizing a patient’s health.

In standard Western medicine, the focus is often on a disease or illness without taking all aspects of wellbeing into account. Traditional Chinese Medicine, on the other hand, considers the flow of energy and imbalances throughout the body. 

Functional Medicine takes the middle ground, using Western-style lab tests of blood and urine albeit with broader measures and an eye for anomalies and imbalances. It emphasizes nutrition and lifestyle for a bigger picture of health, as does Chinese medicine.

At Concept Wellness, we bring multifaceted tools and expertise to bear on your care. Testing may not be needed in every case. But is often helpful for those with chronic illness and for patients who want to look deeper into systemic imbalances.

Lisa and her staff have been instrumental in my long-term health. Several years ago, Lisa noted I had a swollen thyroid gland. She encouraged me to have blood tests done. Low and behold, Lisa was correct . . . I had an autoimmune thyroid disorder.

Most recently, Lisa’s acupuncture helped me recover from a fractured vertebrae. All without drugs. If you are looking for providers who truly value preventive healthcare, Concept Wellness is for you, too.

– Linda, San Diego

Get the big picture for better healing results.

At Concept Wellness, our testing may include:

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

We employ different ranges than Western medicine for optimal function and more meaningful answers.

Hormones for Women and Men

Learn hormonal levels,  patterns and detoxification pathways.


Assess one of the most important systems in our body: our gastrointestinal system.


Glimpse your genetic blueprint, gleaning info for health and wellness.


Levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & fatty acids may signal needed herbs or diet changes.

Food & Environmental Allergens

Identify specific triggers for your symptoms and immune system reactions.

Some of the labs we work with at Concept Wellness include: Precision Analytical Inc. (DUTCH Test); Genova Diagnostics;  and Principal Labs.

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