Take our tools home for more health benefits.

We feel passionately about your health and treating you with high-quality products.

Concept Wellness incorporates these brands into our treatment sessions and makes them available to you to use at home with the best possible pricing.

We love to hear about the products you love, too. We carry many nutritional supplements, Chinese herbal formulas, and other health aid items, shipping them to you quickly. Often we are able to beat local and Amazon pricing as well as speed in delivery.

LightpathLED Red Light Panels & Pads

Lisa has a red light panel for use at home and we often use red light therapy at Concept Wellness.
Use Code CW10 for a discount with lightpathLED.

Red Light Torch

Concept Wellness employs Photonic’s red light therapy torches in our sessions to improve circulation, decrease pain and even to stimulate acupuncture points!. Lisa recommends the Power Red or Red Plus tools for home use.
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Force of Nature

Disinfect without xenoestrogens and toxic ingredients. Enjoy 20 percent off for our Concept Wellness customers.
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Pique of Tea

Love tea? Want to reap its health benefits and refresh yourself with an organic tea line? Try this delicious option for instant teas without any fillers.
Here’s the link

Healthy Wave Mat

.We use these in our practice and recommend them for your use at home. Enjoy the therapeutic effects from far-infrared heat, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF Therapy), and more.
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Celluma Red Light Therapy

Celluma Brand red light devices are also used at Concept Wellness. Let us know you are interested and we can put you in contact with our representative to purchase the therapy devices from them directly.

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– Emma, San Diego

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