Ancient healing art. Informed & enhanced by the latest science.

Safe & Effective

We ensure your safety & comfort, promoting blood flow, balance, immunity & more.

Licensed & Experienced

Our team is intuitive, integrating East/West expertise for maximum effects.

Empowering You

We energetically prompt your innate intelligence for healing & balance.

Custom Care Plan

At Concept Wellness, we listen. Then we listen more, tailoring treatment to you.

Deeper Understanding

We’re not satisfied with symptom relief, focusing on root causes, too.

Partnering with Providers

Doctors turn to us to enhance your care & deepen their therapeutic impact.

Nap. Drift off. Your body’s innate healing is activated.

Acupuncture treatments at Concept Wellness are deeply relaxing. Our patients often nap during their sessions. But meanwhile, your body is resetting—energetically rebalancing, calming your nervous system, tuning hormones and immunity.

In a typical session, we combine acupuncture with a host of healing devices and tech tools, at no added cost to you. We may order labs—and we will likely offer simple nutrition and lifestyle tips you can use to advance your care.

Given our wealth of knowledge and network of holistic-minded caregivers, we may refer you to other specialists. All this is part of your acupuncture treatment visit.

With red light therapy and PEMF mats part of a standard acupunctures session, we treat and restore your cell function while you relax. You may even catch some zzzzzzz’s.

Bottom line: Lisa is on another level. A “standard” acupuncturist places the needles & goes, but not Lisa. She is most thorough healthcare professional I have ever met. She spends time to get to the root of the problem.

– Michelle, San Diego

Acupuncture & so much more . . .

 A typical acupuncture session at Concept Wellness can include a host of innovative tools and treatments. Guided by your needs, we may also use:


Lie back & let low-frequency magnetic currents recharge your cells, reduce inflammation & pain.

Red Light Therapy

Wavelengths work through skin to boost cell health, improve healing, release toxins & soothe pain.

Functional Medicine

Distinct from a Western disease-oriented model, functional tests get at root causes.


With a tiny cut, we invigorate “qi” & blood flow and drain excess fire & heat from the body.

Herbal Formulas & Nutrition

Supplements, diet, and lifestyle recommendations will enhance treatment results.

Dolphin Neurostim

Micro-pulses applied to neurological points relax muscles, ease nervous system stress & pain.

Muscle Testing

We use a simple hand test & acu-points to reveal weakness, imbalances, & deficiencies.

CBD Cream

Amplifies the healing and pain-relieving effects of acupuncture treatments.

Heat lamps, e-stimulation, ear seeds, caster oil packs, and many other tools can also be incorporated into your visit.

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