What to Expect

Let us put you at ease right from the start.

Information is power for our patients! We give you the time and attention to understand your needs and history, and then make sure you understand what is happening in your body and your treatment options.

Thorough Initial Consult

First visit? We set aside 45-60 minutes to chat before the treatment.


We buy the best acupuncture needles to assure treatment is as pleasant as possible.


All our acupuncturists & body work professionals are board-certified and highly experienced.

Personalized Treatment

With the lenses of Eastern, Western and functional medicine, we create a custom care plan to your needs.


Your wellbeing is of paramount concern in our treatment, sanitization, and vetting of supplements.

Pricing & Insurance

Prices for acupuncture range from $125  to $150, not including the initial consultation. Bodywork ranges from $125 to $175, 60 or 90 minutes in length.

“Amy is beyond helpful and friendly. She works with me to make sure that there is never a lapse in my treatment. I feel so cared for.”

- Devon, San Diego

Your first visit with us.

Our process is thorough and personalized so expect to spend 1.5 to 2 hours when you first meet your practitioner. This allows us to fully understand your goals and circumstances, and provide personalized treatment.

The first part of your visit typically takes 30 minutes to an hour. (As desired you can book a consultation-only appointment as well.)

You’ll get your practitioner’s time and attention completely devoted to you. They’ll get to know your health history, lifestyle, and treatment goals so they can have a clear and complete picture of the whole you.

All this information helps the practitioner develop a dynamic view of your health.

I manage an office similar to Concept Wellness and have worked closely with them for a few patients. I felt compelled to write this review because doing business with them is ALWAYS so pleasant, professional, and easy. Amy, their front office manager, is who I correspond with most and truly she is amazing! I cannot speak highly enough of their staff; they truly care about their patients and it shows.

- Natalie, Lakewood, CA

The remainder of the first visit will be devoted to integrative, individualized treatment.

This would typically include acupuncture and other modalities such as moxibustion, gua sha, cupping, red light therapy, PEMF therapy, and/or lifestyle and nutrition counseling.

Our approach is not to nickel and dime you while charging separately for each modality we believe will target your health goals. We integrate all our techniques, tools, and methods into a customized mix specifically for you. It’s all-inclusive as part of your treatment session.

Finally, any recommended supplement support, nutritional changes, or daily activities will be discussed at the end of treatment, ensuring you get the most out of each session.

Our goal is that you leave feeling heard and empowered, even a little pampered.

Our patients find this approach a breath of fresh air compared to most of their “assembly line” style medical experiences. We feel half of healing is truly being seen and heard.

Here’s a few questions we often hear from first-time patients. Have others? Ask us!

What should I bring to—or tell you ahead of my appointment?

Please bring a copy of your recent lab work or other diagnostic test results to the office. This can help guide your treatment plan. A timeline of your health concerns is also beneficial for your practitioner to review “at-a-glance” prior to your appointment or during your consultation. You can email us ahead of time at office@conceptwellnessacupuncture.com.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Wear or bring comfortable clothing that allows easy access to your arms and legs (i.e., avoid skinny jeans on acupuncture day unless you are comfortable removing articles of clothing.) We have sheets and covers to ensure we maintain your comfort and level of modesty.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture needles are nothing like the needles you see at the doctor’s office. The needles used by the acupuncturist can be compared to a strand of hair—tiny and thin with smooth filiform tips, not sharp. Many patients don’t feel anything when the needle is inserted; some describe a small pinch sensation. After the needle is inserted, you may perceive a fullness, heaviness, or slight ache at the insertion site. This is the desired effect as it shows us the needle is working powerfully. Some patients fall asleep at treatment—and we hope you have an opportunity to nap with us!

Do you take insurance?

We are glad to provide you with appropriate documentation and coding of your acupuncture treatment visits that you can submit to your insurance company. We recommend checking with your insurance company to see if you are covered for acupuncture and, if so, the specific conditions that are covered. We also provide detailed receipts that you can use for flexible medical spending accounts.

What if I need to cancel?

Your appointment time is reserved just for you. A late cancellation or missed visit leaves a hole in the therapist’s day that could be filled by another patient. As such, we require 24 hours’ notice for any cancellations or changes to your appointment. You will be charged half the cost of the appointment for your first missed appointment; subsequent missed appointments or late cancellations will be charged $90.

Tell me how best to arrive at your office.

Concept Wellness is located at the DeAnza View Medical Center. Upon arrival at the main entrance, you will want to turn into the eastern building, BUILDING A. There, you will see a large, gray pillar with a bold BUILDING A white lettering on it. 

Parking is in front or behind the building. Stair wells are located at both ends and in the center courtyard by the elevator. Please watch the video HERE for the most detailed instructions.


Should I eat before I come?

While we don’t recommend eating a large meal before an acupuncture treatment, we suggest that you have something light. It’s preferable not to receive treatment on an empty stomach.

What can acupuncture treat?

Just about everything! Chinese medicine is a complete system of medicine that has been used for thousands of years to treat a broad spectrum of symptoms and disorders. It is typically most effective for chronic issues rather than acute ones. 

Have a complex case? We suggest you speak with one of our acupuncturists before you book your first appointment, especially if you have specific questions about how acupuncture and/or herbs might be beneficial to you.

I’m a skeptic. How will this affect my treatment?

Belief—or what is known in Western medicine as the placebo effect—yields significant power and influence over treatment results. So we want you to trust that our combined expertise—that of Chinese medicine, functional medicine, and Western medicine—will bring you healing and relief of symptoms. But it all starts with a relationship that we build, listening to you and grasping your history. We spend a great deal of time educating patients about our methods and the big picture of health—and can point you to research studies that demonstrate acupuncture’s proven benefits. Ultimately, Concept Wellness practitioners activate your healing ability, balancing and drawing out the innate power within you.

“I started going to Conception Wellness for some issues with my second pregnancy.  RIANN is amazing.  I am so thankful for the wonderful treatment, support and advice Riann provided me during my pregnancy.  I suffered from wicked nausea and migraines….I can’t thank Riann enough for treating me so I could function. 

EVERYONE at this office is amazing and so kind.  Amy in the front is so cheerful and works to get you in for an appointment. 

I also got some prenatal massages with Becky….I can’t say enough positive things about her.  Not only were the massages amazing…but Becky was so kind and made the experience amazing.”

- Jen, San Diego

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