Praise from Our Peers

We’re well known in San Diego and are often recommended by other practitioners. Here’s what health care professionals have to say about us.

I have worked with the amazing acupuncturists at Concept Wellness for many years. The acupuncturists are nurses who are well versed, compassionate, dedicated, and very personable. The road to infertility can be a challenging one. You can be reassured they will walk by you on your challenging infertility journey.

– Dr. Susanna Park, San Diego Fertility Center

I strongly encourage my clients to include Concept Wellness in their holistic self-care. Lisa, Riann, and Angie offer compassionate, nurturing, and skilled attention and expertise to increase one’s well being and overall health.

– Karen Cross, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

As a medical doctor, I highly recommend Lisa for acupuncture and pregnancy wellness care. I work with high-risk obstetric patients and it is important for me to trust the education and experience of the health care practitioners I refer my patients to. As an acupuncturist with a background in critical care nursing, Lisa Pugliese, R.N., L.Ac. understands the complex needs of my patients and provides them with safe and skilled care.

– Dr. Sean Daneshmond, San Diego Perinatal Center

I love working with the team at Concept Wellness. They are true professionals and as passionate about fertility care as I am. Their office is so warm and welcoming. They really know how to care for fertility patients and put them at ease. It’s always a joy to see Dr. Riann or Dr. Angela here at Pearl for transfer day acupuncture.

– Dr. Anne Davis, Medical Director, Pearl Mini-IVF

The team at Concept Wellness is incredible! Lisa and Riann have helped countless patients . . . We collaborate often to provide the best plan for patients and I trust their expertise entirely. I highly recommend Concept Wellness for anyone working on hormone balancing and fertility!

– Dr. Emily Hernandez, ND, Naturopathic Medicine

Lisa is a highly skilled medical practitioner who uses the best that Western Medicine has to offer, with the added insights and techniques learned from her study of Eastern Medicine. These skills are combined with the ancient practice of acupuncture, and a scientific understanding of the use of dietary supplements and herbs. She is easy to talk to—kind, caring and committed. Lisa has helped change the lives of many of the women in my practice and I hold her in the highest regard.

– Cinde Ordelheide, WHCNP, Scripps Clinic, Carmel Valley

Lisa Pugliese, R.N., L.Ac., has the training and experience to combine the benefits of both Eastern and Western medicine. Her methods of reducing stress and maximizing blood flow/chi have provided benefits to many of my patients. A true synergy exists from her care that I could not achieve with hormone therapy alone. Many of my patients have improved their fertility prognosis and achieved pregnancy after being under Lisa’s care.

– Dr. William Hummel, San Diego Fertility Center

Lisa’s skills are unmatched and she has helped many patients realize their dreams of being parents. Lisa’s background in nursing, traditional Chinese medicine, and nutrition gives her the unique ability to understand how traditional IVF hormone therapy works—and how acupuncture and nutrition can be used to complement and enhance its effects, resulting in pregnancy. She tailors her treatment plans to each individual and doesn’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all mentality. Most importantly her warm demeanor, genuine care and concern for her patients ,and calming presence help to decrease stress that can be an additional hurdle to a successful IVF cycle.

– Dr. Adela Greeley, UCLA

As a mental health clinician, I appreciate how this practice strives to treat a whole person and not just their symptoms. The team at Concept Wellness is dynamic, helpful, and up to date on the latest research and findings. From the moment you enter the waiting room (and are greeted by the most supportive and warm person, Amy), until the moment you leave treatment, you will feel cared for and tended to.

I have had positive experiences coordinating care with Riann. She is a highly skilled, well-rounded, and compassionate practitioner. I trust her with all my referrals. Interpersonally, she is warm, caring and inclusive, and she is very good at making patients feel safe, respected, and empowered. Riann treats all types of individuals (not just women), and she is much more than a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist; she is a true vector of healing. Her style of incorporating cutting-edge techniques into her work is impressive. She has an empathic and supportive ear but most of all, she is quite skilled at her craft. She is determined to help individuals experience relief- she’s not afraid to think outside of the box. She attunes deeply to her patients and has a deep passion for her work.

Both Becky and Hailey have a wonderful ability to tap into their intuition and help patients heal in a safe and comfortable way-through medical massage. They are both devoted to helping people reach optimal wellness.

I highly recommend Concept Wellness-for those who are seeking integrated, transformational healing. Everyone on the team is highly trained, exceptionally skilled, and very knowledgeable. There isn’t a practitioner there that I wouldn’t trust with my referrals.

– Devon DuBois, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Twice this week, I had clients tell me how grateful they are to have been connected with you and your office and team. One said that your office is ‘the best referral I’ve ever had.’

I’m grateful for you and the gift of wellness that you extend to them. It really means a lot to me to have such a
wonderful acupuncture referral.

– Vivian Rowe, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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