Postpartum Support

Optimize health and comfort in this precious, vulnerable time

We speed healing and nourish you as a new mom. As you learn the ropes of new parenthood, we can be a reassuring voice and a practical problem solver.

Post-Birth Treatment

Moxa warms the uterus and lower back to help you heal and recover more quickly.

Herbal & Nutrition Support

Replenish with herbs and by maximizing the healing properties in your diet.

Go-To Support

Clogged milk ducts, colds, anxiety, you name it, we are here to care for new moms.

Tending to you so you can tend to your baby.

In Chinese culture, the first 30 days after a birth are referred to as the “Sitting Moon.” This is an important time for rest and recovery for mothers and babies. Mom’s only job at this time should be to recover and bond with her little one.

We provide mothers with a treatment that is sometimes referred to as “roasting the mother.” We use a moxa stick to warm the abdomen, stop bleeding, and energize you.. The treatment is noninvasive and feels wonderful. It can help women heal and recover more quickly after giving birth. 

The first treatment should be given five to seven days after birth. You are welcome to bring your  baby, of course, along with your support person. We will also provide nutrition and dietary support for maximum health and recovery. We can help if problems arise in the postpartum phase, such as a low milk supply, heavy bleeding, colds, infections, depression, and anxiety. Our team is here to support you through the whole process.

Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine. We put you at ease and attend to your comfort throughout your visit. 

Riann is empathetic and committed to helping me live a healthy and more balanced life. The care that I have received from her has saved my life. I was having acute and significant pain issues (among other things) related to trauma from my son’s birth and she has improved my symptoms and has drastically decreased my pain levels.

– Devon, San Diego

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Postpartum Support

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