Men’s Health

Get results. Easily and efficiently.

Pain Relief

Shoulder, back, and knee pain, gout,  we can ease symptoms and prevent strain.


Concept Wellness specializes in enhancing fertility, improving sperm motility and morphology.

Blood Pressure, Stress & More

Acupuncture and other healing methods regulate hypertension, ease stress, improve sleep and overall relaxation.

Multiple treatments in one visit.

Perhaps what our male patients appreciate most is how easily and comprehensively we address their symptoms. In a single session, we bring a whole arsenal of modalities to bear on their issues.

With our specialty in hormonal health, men greatly benefit. As men age, their hormones can be out of balance, leading to decreased muscle mass and strength; low energy; decreased libido; insomnia; anxiety and depression; and hair loss. We identify underlying issues and help restore your health and energy.

Guys, we get it. You’re loathe to seek help, often till your partner urges you to do so. And once you’re here, you want one-stop shopping. We’ve got you covered: multiple proven treatment tools applied along with sound, individualized advice.

“Not the usual customer, I am (1) a guy, and (2) an older guy. Nonetheless I went to Lisa to help me with a distressing condition following pneumonia. In two treatments I was on the road to recovery and am improving daily. I feel so much better and Lisa recommended some non traditional meds for me. So 5 stars it has to be.”

– Marshall, Petaluma

Acupuncture & so much more . . .

 A typical acupuncture session at Concept Wellness can include a host of innovative tools and treatments. Guided by your needs, we may also use:


Lie back & let low-frequency magnetic currents recharge your cells, reduce inflammation & pain.

Red Light Therapy

Wavelengths work through skin to boost cell health, improve healing, release toxins & soothe pain.

Functional Medicine

Distinct from a Western disease-oriented model, functional tests get at root causes.


With a tiny cut, we invigorate “qi” & blood flow and drain excess fire & heat from the body.

Herbal Formulas & Nutrition

Supplements, diet, and lifestyle recommendations will enhance treatment results.

Dolphin Neurostim

Micro-pulses applied to neurological points relax muscles, ease nervous system stress & pain.

Muscle Testing

We use a simple hand test & acu-points to reveal weakness, imbalances, & deficiencies.

CBD Cream

Amplifies the healing and pain-relieving effects of acupuncture treatments.

Heat lamps, e-stimulation, ear seeds, caster oil packs, and many other tools can also be incorporated into your visit.

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