Postpartum Mother Warming & Belly Binding

Swaddle your beautiful belly? We’ll show you how.

We are excited to offer a combination of Postpartum Acupuncture and Massage, together with Belly Binding and Mother Warming for $250

Healing & Nurturing

This two-hour treatment helps you recover more quickly after birth.

Belly Bindings

We show you how to wrap your belly and give you three to use at home.

Warming Oil

Our custom formula nourishes your skin, tissues, and belly.

Wrap yourself in calm and confidence.

What are the benefits of the Belly Binding and Mother Warming treatment?

  • Helps the uterus return to original size
  • Helps minimize bleeding
  • Improves overall energy and quickens recovery
  • Reduces postpartum internal organ swelling
  • Encourages internal organs to migrate to their original place
  • Helps with low energy, depression, anxiety, and physical exhaustion
  • Gives mother a sense of security

“If you want to feel extremely supported during a challenging time after having your baby see Becky at Conception Wellness for a belly bind and later on for a massage. She is one of the kindest and most compassionate women I’ve ever met. I started going to the clinic after I had an ectopic pregnancy and worked with them throughout my next and very successful pregnancy. Becky and all of her treatments were the best investment I made during and after my pregnancy. I considered the women at the clinic my health care providers during my pregnancy.”

– Alexis, San Diego

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