Cupping & Gua Sha

Release stagnation, toxicity, and tension.


Suction cups on muscles can release stress, toxins, and adhesions.

Gua Sha

This ancient scraping tool also relaxes tight muscles and increases blood flow.

Cosmetic Use

Lift the jowls and eyebrows, activate sagging muscles, and boost circulation.

At Concept Wellness, we employ cupping and gua sha to ease muscle tension, remove toxins, and treat colds, headaches, and other imbalances. We do this within a typical acupuncture treatment session at no added cost. Cups may also be applied during massage sessions.

In cupping, we produce suction to increase the flow of qi and blood through the body. The technique:

  • Releases tension and adhesions as we slide the cups along tight muscle bands
  • Draws out stagnation and toxins through the skin
  • Helps with common cold and respiratory issues
  • Promote healing, relaxation, and healing. 

We also use a smooth-edged massage tool called gua sha in a repetitive scraping fashion across tight muscles. At Concept Wellness, we find this breaks up adhesions and relieves knots within the muscles, improving microcirculation. It’s often helpful on the nape and the sides of the neck and can also readily soothe headaches.

Both of these Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques can offer immediate relief from aches and strains, with long-term benefits in stress reduction and lowered blood pressure.

The staff here is wonderful! I’ve received different kinds of treatments, my two favorites are the acupuncture and the gua sha! I have never met a team that works so well together and makes you feel so comfortable as soon as you walk through the front door.

– Richelle, Lakeside

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