Pregnancy Care

All our expertise. For you and your baby.

At Concept Wellness, we can enhance your health every step of the way, from conception through your pregnancy and beyond.


Enhance fertility by laying a foundation of optimal health. We often say: “ You must amend the soil before you plant the seed.”


Ease symptoms, promote healthy fetal development, and restore energy.

Pre-Delivery & Postpartum

Gear your body for a smooth labor & delivery. Recover faster. Feel supported and nourished.

We love pampering expectant mamas. Nausea? Fatigue? Heartburn? Stress? We minimize the side effects, cultivating calm and optimal health.

Each trimester, we help the expectant mother feel her best.

Prenatal acupuncture and massage can be performed safely and effectively, easing the side effects that come with pregnancy and keeping you calm and balanced in this important time.

In the critical first trimester, acupuncture at Concept Wellness plays an important role. Our treatments:

  • Promote healthy fetal development
  • Foster healthy progesterone production
  • Ease and reduce nausea and vomiting
  • Help with fatigue
  • Relieve stress and anxiety.

“For four weeks, I suffered from hyperemesis during my first trimester. I hated being pregnant, cried all the time, and couldn’t get myself up to work. At week 11, I started seeing Riann at Concept Wellness and she saved my life! I cannot explain the day-and-night difference from when I started acupuncture. My only regret is that I didn’t go to her earlier. Riann is the only reason I would consider having another baby because I know she can help me.”

- Hedieh, San Diego

Research shows that acupuncture can be effective in preventing miscarriage when no chromosomal abnormalities exist. Indeed, regular treatments at Concept Wellness can increase the thickness and quality of the endometrial lining; help regulate hormones and the immune system; reduce uterine contractions, and prevent blood clots.

We also offer guidance and support for a healthy diet—one that specifically nurtures pregnancy and a developing baby.

Research studies show that certain vitamins and supplements can reduce the incidence of pregnancy complications such as diabetes, preeclampsia, and prematurity. At Concept Wellness, we help you select nutritional supplements to ensure a wholesome pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Enjoy “me time” as your pregnancy continues.

Concept Wellness loves lavishing expectant moms with personalized care and nurture, invoking calm and instilling confidence. In the second and third trimesters, expect our acupuncture and prenatal massage treatments to:

  • Ease back, ligament, and other pain
  • Reduce headaches
  • Replenish your energy and help you sleep better
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Ease viruses and colds and coughs
  • Reduce nausea
  • Help with gestational diabetes.

“Angela is amazing. I went to CW because my baby was four days overdue, and I was so uncomfortable with back pain, pressure, and feeling very anxious. I felt so cared for, as Angela was very thorough. I believe her treatment was effective as I felt much relief after and my subsequent labor was very, very short!”

- Katie, San Diego

Prime your body & your baby for labor and delivery.

Concept Wellness prepares you and the baby for birth. Research shows that pre-birth treatments can prevent the need for labor to be induced and ease labor while decreasing pain so that an epidural may not be required.

All in all, we can help shorten the duration of labor, contributing to a smoother, faster birth.

Acupuncture can also be a safe and effective tool to start labor naturally, once expectant women have gone beyond their due date.

We can also help ensure that your baby is in the right position for birth.

At Concept Wellness, we enhance your health every step of the way, from conception through your pregnancy and beyond.

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