Our Method

We treat you as a whole—pursuing a grasp of all the factors that fuel your wellness.

Alleviating symptoms is one thing. But at Concept Wellness, we do much more than that. Meeting you, we listen . . . to understand the mingling of mind, body and spirit in your health.

To develop your customized care plan, we draw on three sources of expertise:

Western Medicine

Conventional diagnoses, tests, treatments, and cures.

Functional Medicine

Leveraging genetic and biochemical data as well as lifestyle factors.
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Energy Medicine

Ancient, gentle, but commanding. Known as Chinese medicine.

This is how we find answers that elude other practitioners.

Our concept of wellness is bigger and more inclusive, promoting healing at its source. But it all starts with appreciating your unique symptoms and drivers that require tailored treatment and attention.

Your healing power is profound. We partner with you to nourish, restore, and harness that power.

At Concept Wellness, we believe that before you plant a seed, you have to amend the soil.

Patients often come to us, frustrated with their bodies or with their wellness journeys. So restoring your sense of calm and agency is critical. Our office and our sessions are all designed to help you relax and replenish yourself.

I find way more value being seen by Lisa and the team than seeing my primary or any doctor. In fact, I found Concept Wellness through a referral by a GI doctor. Lisa has helped me overcome a number of issues, and I owe her my life!

- Sheila, San Diego

We prompt your body’s intelligence and healing energy with:


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Massage & Bodywork

Cupping & Gua Sha

We also teach you how to treat yourself.

With our coaching, you can learn to cultivate a healthy milieu that will yield better results—whether you are pursuing healthy aging, fewer autoimmune flare ups, conception/fertility, or other healing.

Acupuncture & so much more . . .

 A typical acupuncture session at Concept Wellness can include a host of innovative tools and treatments. Guided by your needs, we may also use:


Lie back & let low-frequency magnetic currents recharge your cells, reduce inflammation & pain.

Red Light Therapy

Wavelengths work through skin to boost cell health, improve healing, release toxins & soothe pain.

Functional Medicine

Distinct from a Western disease-oriented model, functional tests get at root causes.


With a tiny cut, we invigorate “qi” & blood flow and drain excess fire & heat from the body.

Herbal Formulas & Nutrition

Supplements, diet, and lifestyle recommendations will enhance treatment results.

Dolphin Neurostim

Micro-pulses applied to neurological points relax muscles, ease nervous system stress & pain.

Muscle Testing

We use a simple hand test & acu-points to reveal weakness, imbalances, & deficiencies.

CBD Cream

Amplifies the healing and pain-relieving effects of acupuncture treatments.

Castor Oil Packs

Have been used for centuries for a host of benefits: pain relief, lymph movement, detoxification, easing digestion, & boosting immunity.

Heat lamps, e-stimulation, ear seeds, and many other tools can also be incorporated into your visit.

Our Story

Once a nurse, always a nurse.

Why nursing is central to our approach.

Our founder Lisa Pugliese is a licensed acupuncturist and a registered nurse as are others at Concept Wellness. The roots of our practice lie in Lisa’s love of “treating patients as a whole” as nursing requires.

Lisa was also once a patient who had exhausted all that Western medicine had to offer. She sought acupuncture for chronic sinusitis—and was cured! Stunned to find that dietary changes recommended by the acupuncturist contributed to the cure, Lisa was propelled to a new field of study and a new career. She completed her masters in traditional Chinese medicine that she has now practiced for more than two decades.

Like her mentor Loisanne Keller, OMD, Lisa went on to develop a specialty in women’s health and fertility. At Concept Wellness, as the practice was first known, Lisa drew upon her mentor’s appreciation for broad contributors to health. She used the testing and lab work of functional medicine to do much more than track diseases, as is often a pitfall of Western medicine. Indeed, Lisa took a class with the acknowledged father of functional medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Bland.

Concept Wellness’ founder Lisa Pugliese was first a patient herself. She pursued a career in energy medicine after finding her practitioner’s advice worked when nothing else did.

True to its founding vision, Concept Wellness invites you to:

Think bigger about your health, seeking answers inclusively across disciplines.

Apply modern techniques and ancient wisdom, precisely attuned to your unique symptoms and characteristics.

Treat yourself with all the compassion and big-picture thinking that a great nurse would, honoring your mind, body, and spirit.

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