At Concept Wellness, we nurture women so they can be superheroes in their lives, loves, and in the world. Particularly after giving birth, “mamas” need support so they can recover and enjoy optimal energy and strength for the big job of caring for a wee one.

Here, acupuncturist Michelle Siazon and massage therapist Becky Gonzalez reveal how acupuncture, mother warming, and belly wrapping aid postpartum recovery. Schedule a session as soon as possible in the fourth trimester to:

  • Help the uterus return to original size
  • Help minimize bleeding
  • Improve overall energy and quicken recovery time
  • Reduce postpartum internal organ swelling
  • Encourage internal organs to migrate to their original place
  • Help with low energy, depression, anxiety, and physical exhaustion
  • Give the mother a sense of security.