Fertility is a sacred journey, for which women often need support and companionship. Certified massage therapist Becky Gonzalez is uniquely suited to offer this to women at Concept Wellness.

Offering fertility massage as well as prenatal and postpartum massage, Gonzalez brings a wealth of experience gained from serving as birth and labor doula and as a facilitator of the Sacred Fertility Support Circle.  Massage has a host of benefits for women hoping to conceive including breaking up scar tissue, promoting blood flow and organ vitality, reducing stress and stress hormones, and resetting the nervous system, settling emotions.

“With regular massage, I can build a relationship,” Gonzalez says. “The more the client trusts me, the deeper the work can go. There’s an innate wisdom within our bodies and my job is simply to facilitate that. Indeed, the best part of being a massage therapist is reaching that level of trust and security with clients.”

In particular, Gonzalez says. . .

  • “Massage helps the women amid a fertility journey feel normalized. They feel seen and heard — and can more readily let go of tension.”
  • “Often fertility feels wrapped up in the mechanics. I help women with dreamwork, calling in their babies, imagining the character that the child embodies. This is a meditation that is common in other cultures, more spiritual in nature.”
  • “Energy is important. It’s so important to be mindful of our thinking, to release stress and welcome a higher energy.”

Make regular massage part of your fertility path, resetting and building calm and positivity with Gonzalez as a guide.