San Diego’s Acupuncture & Holistic Health Center

The best of east and west. Tailored to you.

Your body is innately wise.

At Concept Wellness, we are experts in tapping into this wisdom—using acupuncture, herbs, and natural healing methods. Doing so, we can restore balance and harness the energy that pulses through you, a powerhouse of healing.

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We treat adults & children. Our expertise includes…

Fertility & Pregnancy

Menopause & Beyond

Cosmetic & Micro-needling

Autoimmune & Inflammation

I’m so grateful that my hormone levels are so much better and my back hasn’t had a flare up in months! They are really good at what they do!

– Renea, San Diego

We often find answers that prove elusive to other practitioners.

We do this by…

Taking all the contributors to your health into consideration as we customize your care plan.

Combining the world’s oldest form of healing with leading-edge diagnosis and treatment tools.

By expertly integrating Eastern, Western, and functional medicine to reveal and address root causes.

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A team of San Diego’s best.

Licensed acupuncturists, herbalists, massage therapists. All passionately devoted to your wellness.

Caring. Passionate. Intuitive.

Our acupuncture experts devote time to getting to know you. Then we craft a treatment plan just for you.

In a 90-minute initial consultation and treatment, we’ll learn your unique history and symptoms. We’ll review results you bring with you and may order lab tests. Together, we will create a plan and recommend herbal supplements and food as medicine—all tailored to you.

Lisa treated me for perimenopause—and started me on supplements that really worked. I’ve been taking them ever since. It’s improved my mood, energy, sleep, irritability etc. I drive down from Orange County because they’re THAT good.

– RK, Laguna Beach

I’ve struggled with a leaky gut and IBS for a long time. I’ve seen many medical doctors . . But Riann has taken my healing to the next level. Her acupuncture treatments, supplement and probiotic recommendations have made me feel normal again.

– Kristine, W. Covina

I was visiting San Diego and experiencing extreme pain in my back and IT band . . . Angie understood my issues and her treatment worked wonders. I left the office feeling like a new man.

– Mark, Pennsylvania